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Skills profile

  • Cohen and Black personnel
  • Yorkshire Investigators
  • Northern England

Cohen & Black personnel

Anonymity is important in the private investigation field. Consequently we will not publish photos or identifying details of our staff, but we will tell you a little about our organistion and the expertise available.

Company Management

Visionary management drives Cohen and Black. Management with a vision for the business and a strategy and plans to make it happen. Our vision is to provide you the customer with a great service at a reasonable price.

Operations Management

Behind every good business is good management. And Cohen and Black is no different. Our operations management have risen up through the ranks to lead the day to day running of the operations. Personnel experienced at the sharp end of the business bringing that experience today to the planning of the services we provide.

Account Management

Our commitmment to quality means that we have invested in account management to ensure we keep you informed of the progress of your job. We value your business and we treat you as a valued customer.

Operations Personnel

Cohen and Black operations personnel are predominately ex-police. This we feel is important. Ex-police bring a number of advantages:

  • Operational expertise.
  • First class training.
  • Practical knowledge of the law.
  • Experience of the legal system.

We employ professionals so you know you will get a professional investigation.

Investigation Specialists

Sometimes an assignment will require highly specialist skills such as polygraph lie detection tests, forensic IT, finger print specialist ... and at Cohen and Black we have those specialists for those situations.

Administration Support

A successful business needs effective administration, and at Cohen and Black we have invested in administration equipment, personnel and procedures to ensure a first-class support service.