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Investigations in Yorkshire

  • Process server, Background enquiry, Lie testing
  • Debtor tracing, Neighbourhood check, RTA locus report
  • Partner investigation, People tracing, Pre sue report
  • Tenant screening, Staff investigations, Witness statement

Investigations in Yorkshire

Northern England Private Investigators

Cohen and Black is based in the heart of Yorkshire in the city of York. The business has regional centres in Leeds and Sheffield providing investigative services throughout Yorkshire.

Our skilled staff are predominately ex-police service, and are supported by civilian staff with specialist expertise in private investigation and support services to solicitors.

Range of Services

Cohen and Black provides a range of investigative services throughout Yorkshire including:

  • Solicitors
    • Process server
    • Locus report
    • Witness statement
    • Background enquiries
  • Businesses
    • Debtor tracing
    • Pre-sue report
    • Staff investigations
    • Tenant screening
  • Public
    • Partner investigation
    • Lie testing
    • People tracing
    • Neighbourhood check

Cohen and Black is also able to provide specialist services for both corporate and domestic clients, including Polygraph lie detector tests, IT investigations, Security reviews and consultancy.

Can you help me with ...

We understand that ringing a Private Investigator can seem to be daunting; or embarrassing. And you may not be sure that it is the right thing to do. Let me assure you that we will treat your enquiry with respect and all matters discussed will be confidential. There is no obligation. We will advise you on the options open to you based on our many years experience as private investigators.

Lewis Cohen
Operations Manager